Recipe Test: Gluten Free Bread

I’m constantly amazed that some people go gluten free when they don’t have to. Why deprive yourself of wonderful, soft bread to dunk in soup; hot buttered toast, preferably smothered with jam; bread & butter pudding? In my case going gluten free was a necessity.

But I miss bread, and the commercial gluten free replacements just aren’t the same. So in common with many gluten free cooks my constant quest for a gluten free loaf which is like REAL bread – not cake – continues. I came across this recipe which looked really easy & didn’t require a food mixer – essential because I don’t (yet) own one. If you’re reading this though, Heston, I’d love a Sage Scraper Mixer Pro with an ice cream bowl!

As this was my first attempt at this recipe I didn’t want to make too much of the flour mix, so I worked out the equivalent of 3 1/4 cups of flour in grams to make the maths easier! The finished mix I used was 130g sorghum flour, 130g tapioca flour, 65g potato starch and 65g almond flour. I used 3tsp xanthan gum and added a heaped teaspoon of Isabel’s Gluten Free Baking Fix.

I’ll apologise now for the variable quality of the photos, it’s very hard to take photos in natural daylight when there simply isn’t any!


The liquid ingredients came next and it looks like a lot when you first add it:


Although it took some mixing it really wasn’t difficult to turn it into this:


The instructions didn’t say what to cover it with but I used greased cling film & put it in the fridge till the next day. About 18 hours later this is how it looked:

As I’d seen other GF bakers do, I added ice in a baking tray at the bottom of the oven to create steam & keep the bread moist. After 30 minutes the top was starting to burn so I covered it loosely in foil & added more ice to the baking tray. Thirty five minutes later, et voila!

Okay, so it looks a little lopsided but it tastes delicious smothered in butter! Here’s the finished article sliced, you can see I probably should have given it slightly longer in the oven as the bottom is quite dense. But I can honestly say that this is the most bread-like bread I’ve had since going gluten free although I’m sure the Baking Fix helped with that. My non-gluten-free son love it, too! This recipe does require you to be organised (which I am) and patient (which I’m not) but I would definitely make it again.



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